Painting character

FREZO wallpapers are prepared with special care to ensure that they retain their painting character. Thanks to this, original works from the second half of the 20th century transferred to wallpapers do not lose their artistic value. They give the impression of being painted, brush strokes can be clearly seen, and in the case of sketches and graphics, each, even the shortest line.


Individual approach

Our designs are adapted to the size and proportion of a particular wall. Each order is treated individually, and the pattern is modified to create a harmonious composition.


Unusual solutions

We also carry out unusual orders. Our designs can become a starting point for creating a new and unique concept for your interior.


Lead time

The standard delivery time is 30 days. In the case of larger or more complex projects, the deadline is set individually.



Background on non-woven fabric with canvas structure. Wallpaper on this material is characterized by a matte surface and delicate, slightly pastel colors. Intended for all FREZO designs, especially recommended for the „Gray Mirages” collection and designs with a light background.



Non-woven base with a fine sand structure. Wallpapers prepared on this material have a delicate satin surface with intense colors. Designed for all FREZO designs, especially recommended for expressive, multi-colored designs that you will find, among others, in the „Magical Forest” and „Miss and Nymphs” collections.


Wet System

Coming soon.
Wallpaper for installation in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens or shower cabins.

We suggest commissioning the wallpapers companies to prepare the wall for wallpapering and application of wallpapers for the wall.


Width of the panels

Our wallpapers are divided into panels. Their amount and width depends on the size of the whole wallpaper and the type of substrate on which it is prepared, most often they are within 90-120 cm.


Checking wallpaper before laying

Before gluing the wallpaper, check all panels for:
1. Compatibility (folding) of the pattern on the entire wallpaper.
2. Color compatibility of all panels.
3. Mechanical damage (bends, tears).
4. Number of panels in accordance with the plan attached to the parcel.
5. Compliance of the substrate and the texture of the wallpaper with the order.
6. Dimensions of the whole wallpaper.

To do this, spread the wallpaper on a dry surface and arrange all panels in the order in accordance with the technical design attached to the package with the wallpaper. If you find any defects, please contact us. Wallpaper with identified manufacturing defects should not be placed on the wall. Additional claims regarding the cost of removing defective wallpaper from the wall or re-preparing the wall and placing the wallpaper will not be considered as a complaint.


Wall preparation

The wall prepared for wallpapering should be perfectly smooth, in a uniform color. Before applying the wallpaper, the wall should be primed with a suitable agent.



We recommend using heavy wallpaper adhesives. The choice of specific, the most appropriate chemistry depends on the type and preparation of the wall, so it's best to leave it to professionals.


Cutting boards by two (double wall cut)

Our non-woven wallpapers are prepared for so-called cuts for two. Adjacent panels have a common surface (vertical strip approx. 2-3 cm), which is cut on the wall and unnecessary fragments removed. With the correct application of this technique, joining panels should be imperceptible.


Additional supply

Each of our wallpaper is enlarged in relation to the wall dimensions by 5 cm on each side. Additional reserve is needed in situations where e.g. the wall is a curve. Example: for a 200 x 270 cm wall, the wallpaper will be 210 x 280 cm

In the production of our wallpapers we use HP Latex Printing technologies, which thanks to the use of water-soluble dyes allows for odorless and ecological printing, which is harmless to health. Latex technology allows to obtain a surface with high durability, resistant to sunlight.

The substrates used for the production of our wallpapers are produced in the European Union and have all required safety certificates.



HP Latex technology:

Non-woven substrates:
Hygienic certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene
Flame retardancy certificate B1 DIN 4102 standards
Fire resistance certificate C -s1, d0 according to standards EN 13501-1
CE marking - EN 15102: 2007 + A1: 2011


To receive an individual quote, click the button below and complete the order form. We will contact you to discuss the details and prepare the cost estimate.

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Step by step ordering process.

  1. Order pricing.
  2. Preparation of the technical wallpaper design (optionally, additional visualization) – for approval by the investor / designer.
  3. Determination of the substrate on which the wallpaper will be made.
  4. Order preparation (invoice details, wallpaper delivery address with contact phone, deadline).
  5. Confirmation of the order and project by the investor / designer and sending electronically a signed copy.
  6. Order payment.
  7. Order fulfillment, shipping by courier, issuing final invoice.


Local distributors

You can also order our products through our local distributors.

List of local distributors.



We ship our products worldwide. Details will be sent along with the quote


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Detailed information on the use and properties of our artistic wallpapers can be found in the Designer Zone tab.

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