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A collection of wallpapers with a wide and varied subject matter, including animal, plant and architectural motifs, as well as stylized human figures. It consists of paintings, drawings and monotypes by Franciszek Michałek from the 1960s and several contemporary compositions by his son. We can find here both proposals for art connoisseurs and admirers of clear contemporary design. The works from half a century ago, kept in a dreamlike atmosphere, delight with their masterful drawing and finesse of details. Monochrome or a subdued color palette, the originals contrast with contemporary adaptations with intense, saturated colors.

Like our other collections, Surrealismus wallpapers will prove themselves as large-format murals or accents in larger interiors. They will emphasize the relaxation functions of the space, e.g. the living room, where they will gain additional expression illuminated by the glow of a burning fireplace. They will also effectively create an atmosphere of intimacy, e.g. in the master bedroom.

In 2017, the wallpaper from the Surrealismus collection – “Deep Secret” was appreciated by the Institute of Industrial Design with a nomination in the “Good Design” competition for the best designed products in Poland.

Detailed information on the use and properties of our artistic wallpapers can be found in the Designer Zone tab.

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