large format paintngs

Large format paintings are a perfect alternative to wallpapers and do the perfect job in smaller rooms in which a mural would be too dominant. They can also constitute a reference to a wallpaper or fabric as an element or feature in some other room. The paintings are prepared on top quality canvas strung on a wooden loom. They are available in many sizes, always customized to your individual needs and requirements.

Ceramic tiles

FREZO ceramic tiles refer to our wallpapers, fabrics and accessories. They can be used as wall decoration in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway. We prepare tiles, similarly to wallpapers, to order, as a complete decoration (mural) adapted to the size of the wall or as individual pieces from our range of designs.


FREZO fabrics are used as window, armchair, sofa, bed and table decorations. Perfect for sewing curtains, tablecloths, treads and pillows. Upholstery fabrics will give a new quality to sofas, armchairs and chairs

The offer includes collections of decorative fabrics made of pure cotton (gabardine, panama, satin, voile, natural linen) and upholstery fabrics made of artificial fibers (velour, plait/braid). All cotton fabrics are finished according to the OEKO-TEX certificate.


Cushions are an excellent way for a quickest interior makeover. Thanks to them each and every room wiil become snugger and cozier and our extraordinary design will make it look and feel exceptional and inimitable.
FREZO cushions visually refer to our other brand products complementing one another.

art pottery

On offer FREZO proposes unique, hand-made decorative ceramics. Inspired by the 1950s&60s interior design the collections constitute an ideal complement to our wall decorations. FREZO art pottery is customised, which guarantees that each fruit bowl, mixing bowl, vase or bottle is unimitable and unique.


FREZO posters are fragments of murals from the Polish People’s Republic era and modern designs stylistically referring to the 1950s and 1960s. We provide them in 2 sizes, on thick 200 g paper and we print them in superior quality. We send the posters unframed and sealed in cardboard tubes.

Detailed information on the use and properties of our accessories can be found in the Designer Zone tab.

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